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Inspired by the classy look of Hollywood actors, our pendant earrings are the perfect solo piece to add some style to your look or combine it with any of our other pendant necklaces. You'll definitely catch complements from someone with this added to your outfit!

Our Onyx earrings are available in both 18K Gold and 18K Silver.

▼ Details & Specifications ▼

♚ Earring hoop size: 1.6cm
♚ Onyx size: 0.75cm
♚ Total size: 2.35cm
♚ Earring quality: 18k Silver / 18k Gold Premium 316L Stainless plated
♚ Onyx Stone detailing
♚ Branded etching
♚ Hypoallergenic, water and sweat resistant
♚ No discoloring or tarnishing
♚ Handmade
♚ Di Víomo branded tag

Layer up your earring with other Onyx chains to create unique looks.

* All purchases are shipped within 1 business day
* Due to health and hygiene safety, earrings are *NON-REFUNDABLE*

Indulge in the artistry of our store as we meticulously craft each necklace by hand, infusing passion and precision into every delicate detail. Our artisanal approach ensures that every handmade piece tells a unique story, creating timeless adornments that resonate with individuality and craftsmanship.